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Charles is not only very knowledgeable in everything he professes. He offers unending support. He has impressed me like very few. And I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, consulting them. Not only is Charles a Business Partner , he is a wonderful friend who has my trust, my honor and my following. If you follow this man and listen and hear, “see” what he has to offer then his nonstop support, You will not only make more money in one year, then you have in the past decade. You will have a friend who will literally support you and your family in your real dreams I highly suggest that you befriend Charles Holland. I have never been steered wrong and Have learned much from him and thought I knew it all.:) Charles, my friend, thank you for being one of my best friends I can count on my ten fingers. Thank you for your support and genuine care of who I am and literally caring about my family. Business is business yet we know , it starts with US. and no one knows that better then you. Folks if Charles has checked it out and done his Due Diligence, Please do yourself a favor and save yourself some time. Get in, and make the 20,000.00 dollars you missed out on while checking out what he has already done in high profile standards.–Billy Caudell, Contractor, Artificial Intelligence SEO

I recently found Charles online while I was searching for a better way to make money from home. From Charles’ website I got the impression that he was a man of integrity and truly believed in what he was doing. He seemed to sincerly want to coach people who wanted a better way so I joined his cash gifting activity and I am so glad I did. I have had two coaching sessions with Charles and I have learned alot about marketing and the internet. Charles has stuck to his word about giving his time to help others succeed, truly a man with integrity and a true leader. If you are looking for an advantage over other online marketers I would suggest you do yourself a favor and Join Charles and let his vast marketing knowledge benefit you too.–Ricky Smith

Charles is full of uplifting energy and enthusiasm! His coaching is exactly what I need to get going. He is very sensitive to my needs. There is no doubt in my mind that, step by step, I am building a very successful business from the comfort of my home. I am so grateful for his guidance and for finding a program with so much integrity. Thank you Charles!!!–Joann C.

I actually just joined cash gifting community and its legit. I did my research before officially joining and I listen in on the weekly conference calls. The best thing is that there are no fees, which would be illegal anyways and they have a pretty organized system to make sure they can keep tabs on who’s gifting and who’s not in order for them to terminate the ones not gifting.–KT

Driven, Knowledgeable, Concerned, Polished Skill Set, Focused & a Great Dad to his Twin babies!…Terrific Leader!–Randy Ostrom, and World Ventures Travel Group

Charles took me on as my personal as well as my business coach. I felt that I had gone as far as I could without an exceptional coach. I met Charles at a business conference and immediately recognized the integrity of a Really Great Man. You meet a few really great men in a life time that you can truly say that by being with them, learning from them changed your life. Charles did that for me. We spent many months and many coaching sessions together and I know we just scratched the surface of what Charles has for me. I HIGHLY recommend Charles as a business professional. thank you Charles, and all of God’s Blessings. David Townsend Vice Chairman Complete Spectrum Financial Services–David Townsend

I have known Charles since 1998. I have always found him to be very encouraging, motivating and inspirational. He is very good at coaching and bring out the best in people. Through knowing him I learned how to stand up for what I believe in and not let people put me down. I became a much stronger person. He would be a great extension to any team or individual that is looking to take the next step up professionally or personally.–Carrie Corcoran, Marketing-Media Consultant, Independent Contractor

Charles is Passionate about his business coaching. I have known Charles for nearly a year through ILG/EDGE Corporate Training. He is the most prompt person in returning a phone call of anyone I have dealings with. On our phone calls he is very helpful and informative. Charles has a the ability to make you feel like everything will be ok even when you think the “wheels are coming off the bus”. This statement sums up Charles: Charles is a man of his word. I am proud to know and work with Charles Holland.–Jack Zimmerman, President, Zimmerman Paint Contractors Co

Charles brings an infectious enthusiasm to every project and relationship. As a result he is master motivator. He approaches building business smartly by being about giving; discovering the needs and making the connections that truly serve, something rarely done as effectively and selflessly as Charles does naturally.–John F. Affleck, Certified Business Performance Coach, FocalPoint International

Charles was great to work with. He always followed up exactly as he promised. He was a hard worker and consistently brought good people and good ideas to the team. I was most impressed with Charles hard work and professionalism.–Jake Randall, Director of Business Development,

I met Charles through a mutual acquaintance and had a chance to work with him on a potential business venture. Although that idea didn’t come to fruition, Charles proved himself to be an incredible idea generator, master networker and Chief People Officer. I’ve been amazed by his unique ability to open doors, foster group participation, make contacts and create a network of like-minded individuals. And, besides all that, I simply enjoyed working with him on our project.–Russ Minary, President, On Purpose Enterprises

Charles is an enthusiastic person with extremely strong public relations & presentation skills. He is genuinely interested in his associates needs and seeks to strengthen their abilities to succeed. Charles dedication and motivation to his team with detail information and support shows he is truly a believer in helping others succeed to obtain personal success. I am definitely grateful to be working with Charles at this time, and my early success in our new venture together has been a direct result of our relationship.–Len Mazzilli, Owner, Discount Travel Center

I have worked with Charles initiating a Social Media Marketing Campaign. One thing that strikes me about Charles is that he certainly does not lack for enthusiasm and energy. Once he make up his mind to move hold on to your hat! More importantly for me Charles has always shown me he is a gentlemen of integrity and character. A true man of his word. I would enjoy working with Charles in any capacity at any time. –Joe Moodie, VP Sales, PMA Desk

I would like to recommend Charles Holland to anyone that is looking for someone to help make their business grow and increase productivity. Charles is one of the most positive people I know. He always has great ideas and thoughts if I need them. I also consider him a good friend.–Roger Sheldon, Owner, Sheldon Palmes Insurance

Charles is a great asset to any company. He listens and is highly intelligent in his response to just about any situation. I highly recommend his services as an advisor.–Antionette Hanson, Online Entrepreneur

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